agnès b

Named after its founder and designer, Agnès Troublé, agnès b. is a French clothing brand founded in 1975. Agnès’ own personal style caught the attention of employees of Elle magazine at a flea market in Paris. From this, Agnès was given a role of junior editor at Elle, but preferring designing to editing, she left after less than two years. After various apprenticeships and freelance roles, Agnès Troublé founded CMC (Comptoir Mondial de Creation), the parent label of agnès b. The first agnès b. boutique was then opened in 1975. Since then, the brand has designed ready-to-wear womenswear, menswear, children and baby clothing, and bags and accessories. 

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The philosophy of the brand is clear: to create clothes which will last. The timelessness of agnès b. designs is a result of this philosophy and the desire not to create fashionable, trendy pieces, but pieces which are adaptable. Aimed at all generations, the collections are to be mixed and matched to suit personality and occasion. This effect is achieved through clean lines and simplicity on classic wardrobe essentials. A Parisian style is unquestionable throughout the range of clothing and accessories, creating simple and chic items for the everyday. agnès b. is known for its signature relaxed t-shirts and Breton stripes, as well as the classic press studs cardigan. This piece was inspired by jackets from the 18th Century, which commonly displayed buttons very close together. The press studs cardigan has become an iconic piece from agnès b. and is often reinterpretted in new collections. 

Agnès Troublé’s strong personal values mean that the brand is also loyal to these ethics. agnès b. is a family business, and aims to maintain around 30-40% of its production in France itself. Suppliers are chosen on the basis of their working conditions, with this given importance on par with the quality of materials supplied. Employees of the brand are seen as part of the family, and are hugely appreciated. Sustainability is very important to the brand, and is promoted through the design of the clothing itself, through its timeless style, opposing fast and disposable fashion. 

“Agnès even refuses the title of ‘fashion designer’, since the clothes she creates are destined not to go out of fashion. She prefers simply to say that she makes clothes to help people feel good”. 

The brand also promotes humanitarian causes, supporting charities focused on issues such as homelessness and AIDS, and helping refugees. 
agnès b. stores are now located all across the world, including London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, New York and Hong Kong. The collections can be found online through their own store, as well as on the websites of Farfetch, Fenwick and Lyst.