Agnona was founded in 1953 by Francesco Ilorini Mo in Borgosesia, Italy. Named after a mountain village in Monterosa, Agnona began as a luxury fabric supplier to haute couture houses. With huge, iconic names such as Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga among their customers, Agnona is now renowned in its own right for its collections of luxury womenswear and accessories. Roberto and Stefano Aimone are owners of the brand, and the father and son fill the roles of executive president and creative director, respectively.

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Central to Agnona, and what the brand is continually celebrated for, is its use of truly rare and luxurious materials. Whether cashmere heralding from Tibet or vicuña from the Andes, every fabric used to create Agnona designs is exclusive and expertly manufactured. With quality control at every stage of the process, and highly skilled artisans honouring traditional techniques, the quality of Agnona pieces is unparalleled. 

Prestigious materials and manufacturing techniques culminate in womens ready-to-wear, accessories and homeware. Agnona collections are elegant and understated, with refined silhouettes. Soft neutral colours are classic to Agnona, though their collections occasionally feature a stunning print in a pair of silk trousers or a shirt. The softest and warmest knits are reimagined season after season, with new and interesting variations on a staple piece. Clean white shirts with modern cuts and exquisitely tailored trousers prove trusted pieces in any wardrobe. Agnona’s aesthetic is one of chic simplicity, providing investment pieces of noteworthy quality. Their accessories of timeless cashmere shawls and statement jewellery are both contemporary yet timeless. 
With a store on Bond Street, London, Agnona collections can be purchased through their online store, and through Farfetch and Net-a-Porter.