Alan Crocetti

Alan Crocetti launched his eponymous jewellery brand in 2014 after falling in love with jewellery-making at the end of his degree at Central Saint Martins in London. Crocetti was aware that jewellery was viewed as an accessory, but wanted to bring it to centre stage and highlight its importance and power. Originally from Brazil, Alan Crocetti based his brand in London, and produces jewellery which challenges tradition. 

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Working with both gold and silver, Alan Crocetti designs feature precious and semi-precious stones. Crocetti describes his designs as the middle ground between minimalism and maximalism, and says his style is ‘elegant, bold and odd’. This description is certainly a suitable fit, with Alan Crocetti jewellery unconventional yet exquisite. Boundary-pushing designs are met with traditional techniques, resulting in sculptural, off-beat shapes met with large, alluring gemstones. Innovative in approach, Alan Crocetti does not distinguish between gender in their collections. The brand instead produces collections centred around a theme, for example ‘Disobedience’, and are modelled beautifully on men and women. Collections feature daring ear cuffs, flame-shaped pendants and architectural rings. Although non-traditional, Alan Crocetti designs manage to appear sleek and timeless. Regarded as the classics of the future, it is clear that Alan Crocetti is changing the face of jewellery. 

Alan Crocetti also produces a small line of eyewear, which provides statement and futuristic sunglasses for an avant garde appearance. 

Through their own online store, Alan Crocetti jewellery, eyewear and merch can be purchased. Alan Crocetti jewellery can also be accessed online through Matches Fashion and Farfetch