Alanui was founded in 2016 by sibling duo Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi, the latter as Creative Director. The Italian luxury brand was begun with the intention of creating a garment that would accompany the wearer on all their travels and life experiences. With travel as the starting point for the brand, ‘Alanui’ translates to ‘long path’ in the Hawaiian language. The first collection was built around a single item- a cardigan. This was a unisex piece, produced in varying colours and patterns and made from the finest cashmere. This versatile garment was created as the perfect travel companion, designed to last years and transcend passing trends. It would become a wardrobe staple, carrying the wearer through life. From this notion, the collections have grown, incorporating accessories and other lines of ready-to-wear for men and women. 

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As longevity is a founding principle of the brand, high quality garments are expected. Alanui painstakingly crafts their clothing to last. The luxurious materials are expertly worked to get better with time, built to not only last a lifetime, but to last exceptionally well. Made in Italy with the most superior cashmere, Alanui pieces take a minimum of fourteen hours to produce. The attention to detail is astounding, with intricate patterns worked into the designs using the most accomplished knitwear techniques. The resulting pieces, with beautiful pattern-work and delicate fringing, are examples of the finest craftsmanship. 

Alanui has a luxe-bohemian aesthetic, very much in-keeping with their inspirations drawn from nature, travel and art. The cardigans which the brand started out with, and are now known by, are artistic in design, some depicting Western landscapes or stunning sunsets. Others follow a more traditional, Native-American inspired print, made up of rich earth tones. Aluni has also produced a Snoopy collection, featuring the well known character on some of their cardigans and knitted jumpers. The collections also feature knitted dresses, tops and shorts, which provide day-to-day luxury, with contemporary design and style. Key to all garments by Alanui is the softest and most comfortable materials and designs, which would certainly prove a joy to wear. 

Alanui pieces can be purchased through various online retailers, including Harrods, Farfetch and My Theresa