Anderson & Sheppard

Founded in 1906 by Peter (Per) Anderson, Anderson & Sheppard are a luxury menswear brand, offering bespoke tailoring, as well as ready-to-wear and accessories. Anderson & Sheppard had their store on the iconic Savile Row until 2005 when they moved to Old Burlington Street. Their Savile Row store saw the introduction of the English Drape cut, which was produced by Anderson’s mentor, Frederick Scholte. This pioneering design rebelled against the typical 20th Century style of the time. Moving away from the more rigid Victorian styles, the English Drape cut was more fluid and comfortable, with a high armhole and natural shoulder line. Anderson & Sheppard became well-known for this suit style, and the company has now been catering to the highest in society for over 100 years. 

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Throughout their collections, Anderson & Sheppard work with the finest craftsmen and tailors to create the brand’s aesthetic of understated elegance. Refined luxury is produced through the use of traditional techniques. Having become known for their English Drape cut, Anderson & Sheppard keep comfort as a priority in their designs. This is translated into their ready-to-wear lines, which produces everyday essentials for modern men when they are not in their suits. From crisp, smart shirts, versatile polo shirts and cashmere scarves to opulent cashmere sweaters and linen loungewear, the brand truly offers everything that could be needed. Classic and enduring designs by Anderson & Sheppard are wearable essentials. 
Anderson and Sheppard’s bespoke tailors can be found on Old Burlington Street, London, while their haberdashery selling ready-to-wear styles is located in nearby Clifford Street. Their designs can also be purchased through the Anderson and Sheppard website, and through Mr Porter.