Andrés Sardá

Andrés Sardá is a luxury lingerie brand, founded in 1962 by Andrés Sardá Sacristán. Originally designing lace mantillas, the company expanded into lingerie when wearing mantillas in church became no longer compulsory. Making women feel comfortable and attractive was salient for Andrés Sardá. Their early designs challenged convention through their creativity and intent to make women feel great. Introducing new fabrics to the lingerie world was innovative in producing comfort as well as style. By the 1970’s Andrés Sardá introduced their swimwear lines, which incorporated Lycra for the first time, and channelled the same principles of always keeping womens comfort and confidence as priority. 

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Nuria Sardá, Andrés Sardá’s daughter, is now Creative Director of the brand, and continues to push the initiatives which the company was founded on. Throughout Andrés Sardá collections, the most durable and high quality fabrics are used, their pieces expertly designed to last. Luxurious fabrics are met with avant-garde designs to create elevated and elegant lingerie. Intricate details, stunning lace and daring constructions combine in fashion-forward yet timeless collections. Whether delicate and feminine or bold and sultry, there are colour combinations, cuts and styles to suit all preferences. The emphasis on comfort in Andrés Sardá designs means that the everyday can be beautiful and alluring. 

Swimwear and beachwear by Andrés Sardá is equally as well-crafted as their lingerie. Offering a wide range, from bikinis and one pieces to flowing cover-ups, Andrés Sardá designs are colourful and chic whilst functional, leaving the wearer feeling stylish and self-assured. 

Andrés Sardá has two stores in Spain, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid. Their collections can also be accessed through their website.