Andrew Marc

Andrew Marc was founded in 1982 by Suzanne and Andrew Marc Schwartz. The brand produces luxury outerwear, with the aim of fusing both function and fashion. The company is owned by the G-III Apparel Group, and Chris Gbur is Creative Director. 

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Producing outerwear for men and women, Andrew Marc covers all bases, offering designs from longline parkas, cropped leather jackets and luxurious wool coats. Utility is produced, providing a coat or jacket for every season and every occasion which will stand the test of time. Durable fabrics and expert craftsmanship are key to Andrew Marc designs. Down jackets in water-resistant fabrics and lightweight jackets in ‘feather leather’ ensure that every coat exceeds in performance. Inspired by the city from which the brand began, New York style is prominent throughout collections, culminating in contemporary cuts which create an effortless and cool aesthetic. Andrew Marc focuses on creating timeless outerwear which will be worn for years. Minimalist design and wearable colours mean that Andrew Marc designs are functional and stylish, desirable for the everyday. 

Andrew Marc also offers a diffusion line, Marc New York, which produces outerwear at more affordable price-points. The Andrew Marc principles of fashion and functionality stand true in the Marc New York lines, though the designs cater to a wider market. In 2013, Marc New York launched an activewear line, MNY Performance. This line produces womenswear for sports and leisure, appealing for the gym and for everyday casual wear. 

Both Andrew Marc collections and Marc New York designs can be found on the Andrew Marc website, and through Lyst online.