Anissa Kermiche

Launching her eponymous jewellery line in 2016, Anissa Kermiche has become well known for her stunning designs with a signature touch of humour. Kermiche wishes to reflect in her jewellery the empowered, strong and successful women she sees everywhere around her. A celebration of inspirational women in the modern era, the London-based brand challenges tradition, while creating pieces which will remain enduring pieces for generations. 

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Originally designing jewellery, Anissa Kermiche has also expanded into homewares. Her ‘Love Handles’ vase was an instant hit, with its tongue-in-cheek, exaggerated depiction of the female form. The demand for more of these styles was extraordinary, resulting in many jugs, candle-holders and ornaments honouring women’s bodies. This idea has been strong throughout Anissa Kermiche jewellery also, notably her Rubies Boobies Doré Necklace and the Le Derrière Sanded Necklace. Whether as sculpted homeware or a delicate necklace, these playful designs are artistic and unapologetic in their appreciation for all women. 

Throughout Anissa Kermiche collections is an elegant and contemporary aesthetic. Sourcing the finest stones such as diamond, onyx, sapphire and ruby, these luxurious pieces are both modern and classic. Pearls stand out against the gold jewellery, creating immortal styles. Signet rings, architectural earrings and delicate or statement necklaces all portray a glamour which is distinctive and particular to Anissa Kermiche. Considered design makes Anissa Kermiche jewellery the perfect combination of femininity and audaciousness, for the wearer to display their solidarity with Anissa Kermiche principles. 

Found online through the Anissa Kermiche website, their jewellery and homeware collections can also be accessed through Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter, My Theresa and Farfetch