Anne Fontaine

Launched by Anne Fontaine in 1993, the self-titled luxury brand produces women’s ready-to-wear, bags, accessories and shoes. Anne Fontaine, based in France, is known for their iconic white shirts, of which the brand was founded on. Originally, Anne Fontaine produced a collection of white shirts, which she sees as the staple to any woman’s wardrobe. By 1997, the label had expanded worldwide, opening up boutiques from New York to Shanghai.

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To this day, Anne Fontaine is known for their signature crisp, white shirts, which come in a variety of cuts, shapes and styles. Now encapsulating much more than shirts, the Anne Fontaine aesthetic has remained sophisticated and elegant. All Anne Fontaine designs are classic and refined, taking essential pieces and adding intricate detailing. Ruffles, lace and fabric flowers add a timeless femininity to the collection and create the signature Anne Fontaine style. Producing collections of the most impeccable quality, the brand utilises a mainly monochromatic colour palette, with sharp cuts and delicate details to design simple yet luxurious pieces. 

Anne Fontaine Casual was launched in 2016. This line maintains the wider Anne Fontaine principles of sophisticated elegance, but uses this to create more day-to-day essentials. Focusing on comfort and suitability to the busy woman’s lifestyle, Anne Fontaine Casual is chic and contemporary. The collections are easy to wear, with soft sweats, relaxed t-shirts, and, of course, versatile white shirts. Retaining the distinctive Anne Fontaine style, this collection is designed with function and style in mind. 

With over 50 boutiques across the world, in cities such as California, Cannes, Antwerp and London, Anne Fontaine is also sold online through the brand’s website.