Armani was founded by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti in 1975. In the same year, Giorgio Armani launched their first menswear line, and in the following year their first womenswear line. This prestigious luxury fashion house is one of the most highly respected in the industry due to its relevant and immaculate designs throughout time.

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The Giorgio Armani line contains extremely high quality classic apparel, such as sophisticated and timeless signature Armani suits and gowns, as well as bags, cosmetics, fragrance and accessories. Challenging tradition in the 1970s through the softening of the men’s blazer and the use of this piece as an overcoat was ground-breaking at the time. Similarly, creating womenswear which hardened, while simultaneously retaining femininity demonstrates how Armani has stayed consistently at the forefront of design. The brand aims to design pieces which go beyond fashion, staying current but classic with a clean and simple style. 

The brand is favoured by many celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, and Giorgio Armani pieces are often seen gracing red carpets, creating images of ultimate luxury and exclusivity.

Expanding from the signature styles of Giorgio Armani to become a luxury fashion empire, the brand has reacted to the needs of the consumer. Alongside the eponymous Giorgio Armani line, which remains closest to the luxury roots and aesthetic Giorgio himself envisaged, the Armani house also offers several other lines, each with a different audience, aesthetic, and price point. These include-

  • Emporio Armani, an additional line originally designed by Georgio himself
  • EA7 Emporio Armani, a sporty line at a much more accessible price point
  • Armani Exchange (A|X), a casual, trendy line, also at a much more accessible price point

Giorgio Armani stores are located throughout the world, on their website and through Farfetch and Harrods. Giorgio Armani fragrance and cosmetics lines can also be found online at Selfridges and House of Fraser.