Asceno is a London-based brand, founded in 2014 by Lauren Leask and Poppy Sexton-Wainwright. Producing women’s ready-to-wear and resort wear, Asceno began as a sleepwear brand. The label has a philosophy of comfort and ease in their designs, thus sleepwear was the logical place to begin. Expanding the brand has meant that new lines have been added, though comfort remains at heart Asceno. Of equal importance is their aim to help women feel confident and care-free. Asceno’s laid back aesthetic and use of luxurious materials has allowed them to achieve this, as well as ultimate comfort in their designs. 

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Creating pieces that are relaxed and comfortable has not meant that Asceno has compromised on style. Their collections are chic and effortless through relaxed silhouettes and timeless cuts. A focus on pieces which will last a lifetime is very important to Asceno, and so every piece works as a versatile wardrobe staple which will be perfect for many an occasion. Sumptuous silk dresses can be taken from day to night, from casual to formal, while sharp linen shirts can be dressed up or down. A feeling of ‘nonchalant excellence’ is undeniable in plush loungewear and pyjamas and effortlessly fashionable wide-leg trousers. Bikinis in sleek and classic cuts will last a lifetime and crisp linen cover-ups add a touch of easy glamour. Asceno designs are modern yet timeless, their simple shapes classic yet luxurious and will be reached for again and again. 

Asceno has committed to strive for sustainability. Using only 100% natural fabrics throughout the entirety of their collections such as organic linen, cotton and silk, Asceno also sources their materials responsibly. The brand produces their collections in small runs, to reduce waste, and print on carbon-neutral paper which is made from 100% recycled fibre. Asceno pledges that their efforts in environmental consciousness will continue and that they are always looking to improve. 

Asceno collections can be found online through the brand’s website, and can also be accessed at Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, Selfridges and Farfetch