Askov Finlayson

Askov Finlayson was founded in 2011 by brothers Eric and Andrew Drayton. The brand produces outerwear for Northern climates, and is inspired by adventure and the thrill of winter. The name of the company comes from the names of two small towns in Minnesota (where the brand is based), Askov and Finlayson. 

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Central to Askov Finlayson is their aim to ‘Keep the North Cold’. This principle is lended exceptional commitment, and the brand is seen as a climate positive company. Through their approach of ‘positive overcompensation’, Askov Finlayson does not aim to be just carbon neutral, but aim to actually have a positive impact on the environment through their brand and their work. To do this, Askov Finlayson calculates their carbon footprint for each year, and multiply this by 110%. They then donate this amount to cutting edge organisations at the forefront of fighting climate change. 

Further, Askov Finlayson’s famous winter parka is made of Thinsulate material, which is a recycled, featherless insulation, and a polyester shell which is also made of recycled materials. Askov Finlayson produces a winter parka for both men and women, as well as accessories and graphic and slogan tees. Their winter parka, which comes in a variety of earth tones, is renowned for its extraordinary quality and functionality. Providing comfort up to -20 degrees, the parka was designed with the help of Will Steger, Arctic explorer. The lightweight coat is utilitarian and sleek in design, with super soft lining and pockets which block phone signals, to keep the wearer in the moment. An essential for cold winters with adventure in mind and considerable thought for the environment, Askov Finlayson offers considered outerwear which will prove a timeless purchase for any explorer. 

Askov Finlayson designs can be purchased through the brand’s website.