Aspinal of London

Iain Burton launched Aspinal of London in 2001, with Mariya Dykalo joining in 2006 and made Creative Director in 2014. The brand started in museums, first producing accessories and stationery for gift shops, and evolving over the years to become a luxury English lifestyle brand. The principles of hand made, leather designs in a classic British style have remained solid throughout. The Aspinal of London logo clearly demonstrates the ethos of the brand, representing strength and generosity through its Old English Name, as well as quality through the shield and craftsmanship through the feather. Values of quality products and integrity are built into the brand.

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“Aspinal of London is the quintessential, modern heritage luxury lifestyle brand. Defining the art of gifting with English style and sensibility”.

Creating handcrafted, fine quality leather bags and accessories for men and women, Aspinal of London produces pieces to last a lifetime, designed to be passed on through generations. This reflects the nature of the brand as a family-run business, who believe in the importance of community amongst their employees. The classic designs and styles of their collections ensure timelessness and durability, with a polished finish and beauty. Although focusing on stylish and enduring designs, colour is not shied away from, and is used elegantly to diversify the range. 

Aspinal of London has collaborated with many over the years, such as luxury brand Beulah. The 2015 Beulah x Aspinal clutch supported the United Nations Blue Heart Campaign, with 25% of profits donated to the cause. The Duchess of Cambridge has been with many Aspinal of London bags throughout the years, and spotted with this particular clutch on many occasions. With two stores in London and one in Shanghai, Aspinal of London also has their own website and can be found online at Selfridges, Harrods and House of Fraser.