Founded in 1781 by William Asprey, Asprey has a long and rich history. With over 200 years experience in producing luxury goods, Asprey sets the standard for British luxury’. The brand began as a silk printing business in Mitcham, England. Soon, the company expanded into other areas, hiring skilled jewellers, watchmakers, silversmiths and goldsmiths to enhance Asprey’s offerings. Catering to royalty and some of the biggest names in history, Asprey today holds the Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales for jewellery and silver. The brand now produces a wide range of leather, silver and gold products, as well as jewellery and timepieces, and Asprey is consistently synonymous with prestige. 

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Amongst Asprey’s impressive lines of luxury goods is their jewellery collection. Each piece is handmade by master jewellers, using only the finest precious stones. Asprey watches are made with decades of expertise, and trusted skill which has left their timepieces world-renowned. Opulent and timeless, their jewellery designs are astoundingly intricate. From bright stones of topaz, amethyst and citrine to delicate diamonds, Asprey jewellery exudes splendour. 

Silverware, china and crystal collections by Asprey are unique heirlooms. Their designs are innovative and impressive, produced with the most exceptional of skill. Notably, their sterling silver Pagoda cocktail shaker takes over 100 hours to make, exemplifying the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship which remains at  the heart of the brand. 

Asprey also offers bespoke services for their clients. This could range from engravings to entirely custom pieces, crafted by their best experts. 

Finally, Asprey creates a wealth of leather goods from totes to clutches, to briefcases. True to the Asprey principles, these pieces are created with the finest materials and expert knowledge. Using traditional artisan techniques, Asprey bags are age-honoured with a classic design which will remain a firm favourite for generations. 

With such a vast collection of luxury goods, Asprey’s designs and services can be accessed from their boutiques worldwide, from London to Zurich to New York. Their collections can also be found on their website, with a selection of goods located on the Mr Porter site.