Swiss brand Bally was founded in 1851, now one of the oldest luxury brands still in existence. Brothers Carl Franz Bally and Fritz Bally launched the brand out of their family-run ribbon factory. Evolving from ribbons to shoes, Bally soon became a globally recognised brand. Innovation is central to the company, as their expansion and wide success was largely due to their industrialisation and employee support systems. Today, Bally is owned by JAB Holdings Ltd., and utilises a ‘creative collective’ for their designs of ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories for both men and women.  

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Known for their cutting-edge techniques, Bally looks to optimise their collections year on year. A pioneering attitude has been central to the brand, seen in their design of reindeer boots for Tenzing Norgay to wear during the first-ever ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. Continually aiming to break new ground, Bally uses the newest technologies to improve their designs and production, including AI and 3-D prototyping. 

Though celebrating new ways to improve design, Bally also stays true to their heritage, sticking to their philosophy that fine quality is the most important characteristic of their collections. Honouring traditional techniques which are tried and trusted to excel, designs are built to last. Time-honoured skill is still hugely important to the brand, highlighted by their classic Scribe shoe, which is, to this day, handmade in Switzerland with over 200 artisanal techniques. Generations of expert artisans in Caslano Switzerland dedicate hours to hand-crafting every Bally design, resulting in undeniable quality and luxury. 

Bally is synonymous with opulent sophistication. Throughout their shoes, bags and accessories, refined and sleek styles are produced. Classic designs of sumptuous leather loafers and brogues are staples of the brand, while contemporary and minimalist sneakers offer casual luxury. Their stilettos and boots are glamorous yet understated. Each Bally shoe is timeless. True to the brand, Bally clothing and bags are effortlessly stylish and fashion-forward with clean lines and sharp shapes, proving wardrobe essentials made to last a lifetime. 

Bally stores are located across the world, and their website can be used for purchases. The brand is also found online at Harrods and Farfetch