Belvest is an Italian luxury menswear label founded in 1964. Aldo Nicoletto launched the brand with the intention of designing ready-to-wear which offered couture-level tailoring. With the finest tailors on board, Belvest became renowned for their designs within the fashion world. The brand continues today as a family-owned business, run by Riccardo Della Piazza, the founder’s grandson. 

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Known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, Belvest stays faithful to their time-honoured tailoring techniques. Traditional methods are applied by the company’s 300 employees, many of whom have worked for Belvest for generations. With considerable knowledge and skill, combined with the best fabrics, Belvest pieces are faultless. 

Although honouring classic modes of production, Belvest also welcomes new and innovative outlooks amongst their designs. Looking to continually be at the forefront of design, Belvest has produced new fabrics in response to the needs of the modern man- a recent development has been their antibacterial and antiviral fabric. Merging extensive expertise from generations of design with cutting edge research has allowed Belvest to exceed in quality for years. 

As with Belvest’s approach to fabrics and production, the design and aesthetic of the brand is a meeting of modern styles with traditional and trusted elements. While classic suits in grey wool are offered, so are suits featuring floral prints and bright hues. Timeless cuts mean that even the more statement designs will prove everlasting. Attention to detail, along with comfort and superior fabrics mean that even wardrobe basics such as jeans and long sleeved tees are first-rate. The overall Belvest style is discreetly luxurious, presenting a sense of quiet prestige from shirts to overcoats. 

Belvest has boutiques throughout Europe and offer a made-to-measure service. Their designs can also be purchased through the brand’s website.