Benson & Clegg

Harry Benson and Thomas Clegg founded Benson & Clegg in 1937 in London. The brand stands as a bespoke tailors and gentlemen’s outfitter, offering made-to-measure pieces, as well as accessories including dress wear and cufflinks. Benson & Clegg was founded on the principle that ‘bespoke tailoring should be accessible to all’. Now a prestigious name and highly respected tailor across the globe, the brand has catered to royalty for many years. Awarded a Royal Warrant in 1944 from King George VI and another in 1992 by Prince Charles, Benson & Clegg has a range of extremely high-profile clientele. Today, Benson & Clegg is owned by Mark Gordon.

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Continuing the exceptional British craftsmanship of which the brand is expected, the finest artisans tailor each garment to the needs of the client. Tremendous attention to detail and commitment to a flawless finish is key to Benson and Clegg’s extraordinary reputation. With the heritage of the brand in mind, the bespoke service is said to provide ultimate luxury to the customer from the initial fitting to the final result. 

Benson and Clegg accessories can be purchased online through the brand’s website. Their tailoring services are available from their Jermyn Street store in London.