Beulah London

Beulah London was founded in 2010 by Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan. After witnessing the tragic reality of modern slavery and sex trafficking on a trip to India, the co-founders were intent on making a positive impact on these vulnerable women. Thus, Beulah London was born. The label seeks to empower women in devastating situations, by teaching them how to sew and manufacture clothing. Providing a livelihood and helping to bring these women out of poverty has meant that Beulah London employees can build bright and promising futures. 

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Focusing foremost of their efforts to support women out of exploitation, Beulah London’s collections are a celebration of the fine craftsmanship of these inspiring women, from Bangladesh, Kolkata, Kathmandu, London and more. Incorporating exceptional embroidery and beautiful hand-waving techniques, the brand produces artistic pieces which will be worn from generation to generation. Drawing inspiration from the stunning landscapes of the founder’s travels to India and beyond, Beulah London collections incorporate joyful colours and flowing silhouettes reminiscent of evenings abroad. Transcending trends, each piece is timeless and wearable, with delicate prints and chic design. Longline dresses in refined cuts, opulent silk skirts, sleek tailored trousers and classic raffia bags exude effortless British style. Beulah London is an ethical brand which produces cosmopolitan and elegant pieces which can take you from day to night and occasion to occasion seamlessly. 

Beulah London collections can be found online through the brand’s website.