Dirk Bikkembergs is a Belgian fashion designer who launched his self-titled brand in 1986. Now titled simply ‘Bikkembergs’, the brand was formerly called Dirk Bikkemburgs, and is most well-known for its fusion of fashion and sport. Bikkembergs himself was one of the ‘Antwerp Six’, a title which refers to a group of fashion designers who graduated from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the 1980’s, and went on to establish Antwerp as a leader in fashion. Today, the brand is owned by the Chinese company Guangzhou Canudilo Fashion & Accessories, and Lee Wood is Creative Director of Bikkembergs

Merging fashion and sports, Bikkembergs was pioneering in creating a new style of relaxed, high-performance clothing which could be worn casually, as well as for physical activity. This style of sports-luxe clothing has remained central to the brand, which produces collections for men, women and children, including shoes and a jewellery line. Designed to promote confidence and functionality, all Bikkemberg pieces are tested by football players to ensure their quality and suitability for sport. Whether looking for clothing for the gym, football pitch and beyond, or for day-to-day styles, Bikkembergs has a modern and effortless aesthetic. Printed t-shirts and boldly logoed sweatshirts have a sporty, laid-back feel and work as daily essentials. Monochromatic colour palettes are interrupted by vivid brights throughout collections, meaning that there are classic styles, as well as more eye-catching looks. High-quality running shoes are stylish as go-to sneakers, though perform very well in a sporting environment. Relaxed styles are perfect both for daily wear or when looking to hit a personal best, and Bikkembergs is consistently stylish and current.

Bikkembergs collections are available online through the brand’s website.