Bill Blass Group

The Bill Blass eponymous brand was founded in 1970 in New York. Producing womenswear with a laid-back American aesthetic, the brand focused on comfort and simplicity to create glamorous designs. Socialites across America coveted the label, though the year 2000 saw the last collection designed by Bill Blass himself. Soon after his retirement, Bill Blass died in 2002, his label continuing on to honour his founding principles. In 2008, Peacock International Holdings purchased the company, with Chris Benz as Creative Director in recent years, from 2014-2019. 

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Always lending importance to practicality, style and comfort, Bill Blass today takes these foundations and implements them in wearable and sleek designs. The brand creates footwear and bags, adding emphasis on sustainability to the codes of the brand. Their simple ‘sutton’ shoe and classic tote bag are designed with longevity in mind, to encourage re-wear and slow fashion. Made from eco-friendly yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles, and presented in an array of colours, the collections are considered and environmentally conscious. Bill Blass creates responsible, sleek and functional designs which are in-keeping with the brand’s consistently all-American, casual yet elegant designs. Merging utilitarian and classic styles with sustainable materials pushes the brand forward in terms of progressive approaches to fashion. 

Bill Blass bags and shoes can be purchased through the Bill Blass website.