Bionda Castana

A women’s luxury shoe brand, Bionda Castana was founded in 2007 by Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman. The duo had met at business school and became instant friends. Inseparable, they were often called ‘blonde brunette’, which is where the brand acquired its name. The Italian brand name matches the heritage of the founders, and their characteristic blend of Italian craftsmanship and London-cool style.

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The brand set out with the intention of creating timeless shoes for the modern woman, catering for all aspects of their lives. Presenting styles from glamorous heels and bridal shoes to fringed boots and elegant flats, Bionda Castana creates a shoe for every occasion. Amongst the heel collection, classic pumps are sleek and alluring, while mid-heels are wearable, without sacrificing style. Throughout Bionda Castana styles are playful and edgy details in bright colours, animal and geometric prints, and mesh and lace inserts. Handcrafted in Italy, the unique and distinctive designs of Bionda Castana are met with fine materials to create luxurious and enduring footwear. 

Since 2018, Bionda Castana has taken a zero-waste approach to fashion. Offering an exclusively made-to-order service, styles can be purchased on the brand’s website, and will then be made in 5 weeks. Further, offcuts from previous years of manufacture are used in all designs, as well as 100% recyclable packaging. Maintaining customer satisfaction while keeping environmental responsibility as a priority is a pioneering way of approaching sustainability. 

Bionda Castana designs can be pre-ordered on the label’s website.