Founded in 1994 by Sang Sem Chiang, Bonia is a Malaysia-based luxury fashion brand. Specialising in leather goods, the label produces bags, footwear and accessories for men and women. 

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Bonia defines their aesthetic as modern, elegant and contemporary. These principles are seen throughout their collections, resulting in fashionable yet timeless pieces. Crafted by artisans with a history of leather-making, Bonia designs are high-quality and luxurious. The brand offers a wide range of designs, with shoulder bags, cross body bags, totes, briefcases and more. Shoes include heels, loafers, sliders and sneakers. Every design is distinctly modern, through not informed by trends, resulting in investment pieces crafted to last a lifetime. 

The Bonia Monogram Series features bags, purses and jewellery with the brand’s logo patterned onto the designs. This is a classic design, inspired by European kings and noblemen, who would personalise their goods with their own monograms. Bonia recognise this as a signal of opulence and prestige, and have replicated this symbol of sophistication in their monogrammed collection in a tasteful yet bold way. 

Earning worldwide recognition for their contemporary yet time-honoured designs, Bonia has many stores across the globe, in cities such as Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. Their collections can also be found online through the Bonia website.