Borsalino is the oldest manufacturer of luxury hats. Founded in 1857 by Giuseppe Borsalino, their hats have become world-renowned. Their 1900 award of the Grand Prix at the Paris Exposition Universelle solidified the importance of Borsalino across the globe. By the start of the First World War, the company was producing around 2 million hats per year, conquering the British and American markets. Hollywood stars wore Borsalino designs, their hats appearing in classics such as Casablanca, while a 1970 film was titled after the brand. Global recognition and reputation has meant that Borsalino is still celebrated today. The company is now owned by Haeres Equita, and together with Giacomo Santucci as Creative Director, Borsalino tradition is brought into the modern era.

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Made in Italy, Borsalino designs are meticulously crafted. Their felt hat takes more than 7 weeks to complete, while hand-woven Panama hats take around 6 months. The high standards of Borsalino styles has made the name synonymous with luxury. 

Classic styles such as the felt fedora and trilby are created in a wide colour palette with intricate details. Designing for both men and women, Santucci looks to the future with his modern approach to the brand, while maintaining age-honoured designs throughout collections. Encompassing many styles of hats has seen the introduction of contemporary styles such as sports-luxe baseball caps and street-inspired bucket hats. Playful accents and prints add youthful visuals, appealing to a new audience. While Borsalino flat caps, berets and fedoras will remain an icon of style endlessly, the addition of fun and fashionable styles highlights the relevance of hats always. 

Borsalino collections can be found in their boutiques across the world. The brand also offers a prestigious Made to Measure experience, in which a personal and unique hat can be designed. This is offered from their stores in cities such as Milan, Paris and Rome. Borsalino designs can also be accessed online through the brand’s website, and through Matches Fashion and Yoox