Founded in 1954 by husband and wife Roberto and Carla Braccialini, Braccialini is an Italian luxury handbag company. Carla Braccialini would design the bags, while her husband would handle the business side of the company. The rose depicted in the Braccialini logo is representative of Carla’s love for the flower. From a small workshop in Florence, the brand grew, and was purchased by Graziella Holdings in 2017. Braccialini continues to be a family-run brand, however, with Carla and Roberto’s three sons playing prominent roles in the company and Carla still leading design duties.

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The Braccialini aesthetic is unique and artistic. Their main line takes traditional shapes and cuts to create functional and wearable ‘everyday’ bags. From mini bags to larger totes, these styles are wearable yet exciting. Often embellished or adorned in some way, Braccialini uses eye-catching details which are signature to the brand. Floral appliques, beading details and bold hardwear offer subtle yet defining elements. Prints featuring tigers or cherubs or wildlife add signature Braccialini interest to classic designs. 

The Temi line by Braccialini takes this layer of interest to another level. Playful and whimsical designs are unrestrained and impressive. These designs are intended to reflect individuality and celebrate the one-of-a-kind. Beautiful and vibrant, the Temi line offers bags in the shapes of animals, houses and more. These designs are inspired by nature and the fantastical. Intricate and full of life, the Braccialini Temi line presents fun and charming designs for those looking for something a little different. 

Braccialini collections are found in their stores, of which there are around 50 worldwide. They can also be accessed online through the company website.