Brunello Cucinelli

An Italian luxury fashion brand, producing menswear, womenswear, childrens clothes and accessories, Bruno Cucinelli launched his namesake in 1978. Seeing a gap in the market for coloured cashmere for women, the brand began by selling womens cashmere garments only. For around two decades, Bruno Cucinelli stuck with this one specific category, earning a reputation for their exceptional quality. In the 1990’s, the collection expanded to encompass men’s knitwear too and the brand has continued to grow impressively since then, with Cucinelli himself being labelled the ‘King of cashmere’. 

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At the heart of Bruno Cucinelli is the high quality in both fabrics and craftsmanship. Cucinelli personally travels each year to the mountains of Mongolia to purchase the cashmere for his garments. Crafted with fine skill, all products are hand-made in Italy. This translates into the garments themselves, in their masterful tailoring and distinctive cuts. Mainly everyday wear, these clothes are functional yet chic. The luxurious fabrics and muted but timeless colour palettes become elegant womenswear in silk and linen dresses and stunning jackets. For men, cashmere and silk jumpers and impeccably tailored shirts portray an effortless smart-casual feel. The designs are modern yet obviously and heavily infused by their roots in exceptional construction. 

For Bruno Cucinelli, moral values are perhaps the most important part of his art. His brand focuses on ‘humanistic enterprise’, which Cucinelli defines as finding the balance between profit and giving back, and maintaining strong ethics and dignity. Bruno Cucinelli, as a brand, seek sustainability and fairness for the environment and their employees. On average, employees of the company earn around 20% more than they would do in the same job elsewhere. With Cucinelli focusing increasingly on his philanthropy, the brand is now owned by Fedone S.R.L. 
Bruno Cucinelli designs can be found in their stores, of which there are now over 100 worldwide. They have their own website, and are also available online through Harrods, Selfridges, Farfetch and Net-a-Porter.