Camillia Franks founded her Australian brand, Camilla, in 2004. With a firm identity right from the start, the brand has never strayed away from their exuberant bohemian style. Franks is inspired by her travels across the world, collecting images and ideas that help to create her vibrant designs. Each print is hand-drawn and hand-painted by in-house artists, every design is hand-made, and each embellishment is sewn by hand onto every garment. True talent is illustrated in every Camilla piece, reflecting the brand’s artistic and adventurous outlook. 

Focusing mainly on womenswear and accessories, Camilla has expanded to also produce a menswear range and a children’s clothing line. Throughout all collections is a vibrancy which is distinctive of the brand. Bold and daring prints grace most pieces, with gorgeous colour palettes and intricate details. A free-spirited and joyful aesthetic is clear, and each piece is a statement. As Camilla began as a resort wear label, silk kaftans and flattering bikinis are signature to the brand. From this, wider collections are reminiscent of holidays and travel, with flowing silhouettes and light, easy fabrics. Throughout dresses, playsuits, skirts and bags, we can expect embellished splendour which exudes excitement and interest. 

Camilla boutiques are located throughout Australia, with two locations in the USA also. Camilla collections can also be found online at the Camilla website, and through My Theresa, Flannels and Yoox.