Caraceni was founded by Domenico Caraceni, who is often regarded as the ‘father of Italian tailoring’. The mens tailoring company was established in 1913 in Rome, and its success was noted worldwide. Throughout the 1930’s, Caraceni had stores in Rome, Milan and Paris, the latter of which was closed when Mussolini declared war on France. After WWII, a new store was opened in Milan, again highly successful. After Domenico’s death, members of the family set up their own ateliers in his name. There are currently three branches of Caraceni in Milan, operated by relatives of the original founder. There is also a Caraceni store in Rome, run by Tommy and Giulio Caraceni, nephews of Domenico, which is separate from the other stores across Italy. 

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Caraceni has always been known for exceptional skill and exceptional tailoring. Each suit is made one at a time by hand, specific to each customer. Certain traits of a Caraceni suit can often be found across their various designs, for example a slim waist and structured shape to the shoulders to create a striking silhouette. The label is also associated with the double-breasted suit, of which some claim Caraceni himself was the first to design. Fine fabrics are used in all suiting, with linings crafted from sumptuous silk of the best quality. Known for their elegant occasionwear, Caraceni creates bespoke pieces for every occasion.

Various ateliers in Caraceni’s name are located in Milan and Rome, and can be contacted online for their bespoke tailoring services.