Cartier Eyewear Collection

The prestigious Cartier label was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier and ever since its conception, their iconic jewellery has been admired for its craftsmanship and creativity. 

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Cartier launched their first eyewear collection in 1983, which produces luxury glasses for men and women. The collection honours the exceptional skill and expertise of the Cartier house, creating exceptional eyewear of the same calibre of time-honoured Cartier jewellery. Eyewear collections feature the finest materials of gold, titanium and tortoiseshell acetate to produce the most opulent styles. Fusing sleek and modern elements with the creative flair of classic Cartier, styles are distinctive and cutting-edge, while classic and wearable. 

Signature Cartier elements can be seen throughout the eyewear collections, in their brand signature on the arm of the glasses, and even more so through the Panthère de Cartier line. The panther is iconic to Cartier, featured in many of their jewellery collections, exuding power and strength. Intricately formed and exceptionally designed, each piece will elevate even the most simple outfit, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. Styles featuring oversized frames or retro-inspired shapes make a fashionable statement, while more delicate styles in mixed metals are everyday classics. Beautiful details add the ultimate hint of luxury throughout each style, resulting in glamorous yet refined eyewear as desirable as the brand’s jewellery. 

Cartier eyewear collections can be found online through various stockists, including Matches Fashion, Selfridges and Farfetch, as well as the Cartier website.