Cedric Jacquemyn

Belgian fashion designer Cedric Jacquemyn launched his namesake Antwerp-based fashion label in 2011. The menswear brand has become well known for its dark, romantic style, which focuses on exceptional tailoring and interesting silhouettes. 

Screenshot of www.cedricjacquemyn.be

Lending high importance to the fabrics used in Cedric Jacquemyn collections, the designer sees focused textile selection as integral to each garment. With most pieces in Cedric Jacquemyn collections taking a monochromatically black colour scheme, the brand sees this as an opportunity to let other intricate details to the garments really stand out. Where black is used, more attention is paid to construction and the texture of the item, meaning that the brand’s focus on sharp tailoring and intriguing details can really shine through. Cedric Jacquemyn pieces are unique and interesting, utilising long, unconventional silhouettes. Contrast is central to the label, fusing flowing lines with strong, masculine codes. Materials are mixed, merging wool with leather to create avant-garde looks which encompass expert attention to detail. The dark aesthetic takes day-to-day items such as shirts, trench coats and jeans, and adds intrigue through the brand’s distinctive approach to menswear. The outcome is one of refinement and interest, combining unorthodox styles with traditional and time-honoured craftsmanship. 

Cedric Jacquemyn collections can be accessed and purchased through the brand’s online store.