Cerruti 1881

Cerruti has a long and interesting history, with the brand beginning over a century ago in 1881 as a wool mill in Italy. Family-run and successful, the Fratelli Cerruti Wool Mill washed and treated wool to produce cashmere, tweed, flannel and muslin. Nico Cerruti, great-grandson of the Cerutti founder, later established the Cerutti 1881 luxury menswear brand. Named after the original wool mill company and the year of its conception, the brand has firm ties to its Italian heritage and expertise in fabrics. The Cerutti 1881 label was acquired by Chinese clothing retailer Trinity Limited in 2010, and produces ready-to-wear for men, plus fragrance for men and women. 

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With such a long and impressive history working with fabrics within the Cerutti family, high-quality materials are very important to the brand. Fine fabrics are met with the expert Italian craftsmanship also integral to the brand. With such strong principles of high quality production, Cerutti 1881 pieces are impeccably designed to combine everything needed for ultimate luxury. 

The Cerutti 1881 aesthetic is masculine and elegant, with classic pieces given a modern twist. High-quality basics such as t-shirts, blazers and chinos are offered in a range of wearable colours, while contemporary takes can be found in oversize fits, graphic prints and geometric knit jumpers. Bold options are available, as are more classic and understated designs. Cerutti 1881 produces everything needed to fill a wardrobe, from smarter, more formal pieces, to more laid-back day-to-day uniforms. 

Cerutti 1881 designs can be found online through the label’s website, and through Farfetch. Their fragrances are available more widely, through most department stores.