Cesare Attolini

Founded in Naples in 1930 by Vincenzo Attolini, Cesare Attolini is a luxury menswear brand recognised worldwide for their impeccable tailoring and expertise. Vincenzo and his son Cesare have been pioneering in the world of men’s fashion, rewriting the rules of suiting forever. Now run by Vincenzo’s grandsons Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini, Cesare still oversees the quality of each garment. 

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Cesare Attolini has been forward-thinking since its conception. At the time of the brand’s beginnings, suit jackets were heavy and structured, based on the English fashion across the seas. Finding this style overbearing and uncomfortable, especially in the hot climate of Naples, Vincenzo Attolini created the Neapolitan silhouette, which stripped away the heaviness of the English styles. The shoulder pads and lining were removed, leaving a lightweight and soft jacket featuring slim lines, never seen before. This was extremely bold for the time, challenging the status quo of mens fashion. This invention solidified the brand as innovative and exceptionally skilled, making their designs and tailoring highly sought-after. 

To this day, each Cesare Attolini piece is made in the same way that it was in the 1930’s, all handmade and of unparalleled quality. Celebrated across the world for their skill in cut and design, the label offers ready-to-wear and bespoke pieces for men. Their ready-to-wear collections provide suits and shirts, jackets and swimwear. All crafted exquisitely, the designs are timeless, made to last and appear stylish in any wardrobe for a lifetime. Although classic in design, Cesare Attolini pieces make use of a wide array of colours, from greys, blacks and blues to brighter hues, also incorporating pattern effortlessly into collections. From polo shirts to sharp trousers, Cesare Attolini designs are stylish and trusted, chosen time and time again for their recognised quality.  

Cesare Atolini has boutiques across the world, in locations of Milan, Rome, Miami, New York, Dubai and Moscow. Their ready-to-wear pieces can be purchased through their online store, where their contact information is available for enquiry regarding bespoke services.