Cesare Paciotti

Cesare Paciotti was founded by Giuseppe and Cecilia Paciotti in 1948, under the name of Paris. The company produced hand-made, high-quality shoes for men. The brand was then taken over by the founders’ children, Cesare and Paola, who changed the brand name to Cesare Paciotti, and expanded the collections to add womens footwear to the label’s offerings. Paolo handles the management of the company, while Cesare designs, and the company quickly gained worldwide recognition for their innovative designs. Their famous dagger logo is instantly recognisable and iconic to the brand. 

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In their designs for both men and women, Paciotti is inventive and exciting. Womens heels come in alluring jewel tones, bold and vibrant, with embellishments and intricate detailing. The result is feminine and powerful, designed with classic style in mind. In more casual styles of sneakers for both men and women, Cesare Paciotti offers unique shapes, with chunky soles, distressed accents and a modern edge. Contrasting fabrics are used, as are metallic accents which add a high-fashion edge to an essential shoe. Attention to detail makes Paciotti shoes distinctive and exciting. Even in smarter styles of Oxfords and loafers, sumptuous leathers feature asymmetric detailing or subtle metal accents to create the ultimate appearance of luxury.

Cesare Paciotti also creates a line for children, featuring the cutting edge and contemporary designs of the brand, though adding a further element of fun and youthfulness with bright colours and playful embellishments. Whether for adults or children, Paciotti designs are unique and expertly designed, with years of craftsmanship underpinning each shoe. 

With stores across Europe, including France, Italy and Russia, Cesare Paciotti collections can also be purchased through the brand’s online store, as well as through Farfetch