Charvet Place Vendôme

Seen as the oldest shirtmaker in the world, Charvet Place Vendôme, or Charvet, was founded in 1838 by Joseph-Christophe Charvet. The French shirtmaker and tailor is world-renowned for their expertise of over a century, producing shirts, suits, pyjamas, neckties and more. The highest in society have relied on Charvet for years and to this day, from royalty to heads of state. 

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The first Charvet store was the first shirtmaker store in the world. Previous to this, shirts were made by linen keepers using fabric provided by the customer. Charvet changed this notion forever, with their introduction of luxurious, bespoke shirts, where clients would be measured, fabrics would be selected and the shirt would be made in store. Putting emphasis on an impeccable fit and construction, shirts were given an importance which had not been seen before, and an essential item became luxurious and decadent. Over the years, Charvet has expanded its offering to encompass suits, blouses and more to their range, though shirts have always been the brand’s speciality. 

After over a century of excellence, the heirs to the Charvet company wished to sell. Denis Colban was the house’s main supplier, and bought the company, which is now owned by his children Anne-Marie and Jean-Claude

With such a rich history and unrivalled expertise and skill, Charvet remains an attraction for customers all across the world. The brand has remained trusted and acclaimed for years and by some of the most prestigious names in history. Today, Charvet operates from Number 28 Place Vendôme in Paris, with seven floors offering ready-to-wear and bespoke services. Customers have the option to customise anything, lending strong importance to individualisation. The brand operates on the notion that ‘a garment that carries a personal stamp exceeds any other form of luxury’. Unique and personal elements woven into designs is what makes Charvet unparalleled in quality and opulence. Further, Charvet creates and presents exclusive fabrics for all collections, of which over a thousand new patterns are designed every year. Merging remarkable craftsmanship with first-rate customer service in-store makes Charvet designs not just a purchase but an experience. 

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