Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix founded his haute couture house in 1987 in his namesake. In the following couple of years, Christian Lacroix launched a ready-to-wear line, shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery, as well as opening boutiques in cities such as Paris, Toulouse, London and Japan. The brand joined the LVMH group in 2005, though after suffering devastating financial losses, the brand fell into administration in 2009.  

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Lacroix’s style was bold and opulent. With a strong use of colour, pattern, embroidery and beading, Christian Lacroix pieces were fantastical. They drew inspiration from a variety of cultures and mixed these together to create unique and inspiring designs. The brand’s theatrical style was distinctive. Their use of combinations of colours and patterns can be seen today in their lifestyle brand, designed by Sacha Walckhoff as Creative Director. This line includes a variety of items, from cushions to notepads to decorative trays. 

Christian Lacroix interiors and stationery can be found online through Liberty, Amara, Designer’s Guild.