Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a luxury shoe brand, founded in 1991 and named after the founder and designer himself. The first Louboutin store launched in Paris, with Princess Caroline of Monaco as their first customer, setting a precedent for the countless famous faces that would come to wear Louboutin shoes in the years that followed. Now encompassing bags, and mens footwear into the brand, Christian Louboutin also launched a cosmetics line in 2014. 

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It is said that Louboutin brought the stiletto back into fashion, and since then, this classic shoe has become iconic to the brand. Their heeled shoes are staples, though the collections offer diversity in their range. Although deemed more casual, Christian Louboutin trainers, flats and sandals stay true to the brand, incorporating colour, print, and classic spiked embellishments. The most distinctive part of the Christian Louboutin shoe is of course their signature red sole. First created in 1993, Louboutin felt a sense of lacklustre at one of his prototypes. Spontaneously, he used a colleague’s red nail polish to paint the sole red, providing exactly the drama needed. This powerful feature has stuck, becoming iconic and instantly recognisable throughout the fashion world and beyond.

Featuring playful designs, Christian Louboutin shoes can be bold and daring, while remaining sophisticated and wearable. The blend of Italian craftsmanship and Louboutin’s personal inspiration drawn from punk style creates unique and masterful shoes which have become synonymous with luxury.

Christian Louboutin pieces and cosmetics line can be found throughout over 150 department stores and boutiques in their own name. They are available from their own website, as well as through various online retailers such as Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Flannels and Harvey Nichols.