Chrome Hearts

Founded by Richard Stark in 1989, Chrome Hearts began as a company producing leather biker goods. Soon expanding to create jewellery too, the brand now also designs clothing, sunglasses and fragrance. 

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With a signature edge and attitude, the Chrome Hearts aesthetic is rock n roll and exudes classic biker style. Silver jewellery for men and women is what the brand is best known for, and each piece is intricate and high-quality. Chunky rings, cross iconography and sparkling gemstones can be found throughout jewellery collections. Each piece makes a statement and this notion carries through to Chrome Hearts clothing also. The anti-establishment perspective of the company means that each Chrome Hearts release is extremely hard to get hold of due to their unpredictable drops. This makes their hoodies and hats very highly sought-after, and all the more prestigious. Featuring the same biker energy as the Chrome Hearts jewellery, the label’s clothing is edgy and unique, utilising bold logos and graphic prints. 

Over the years, Chrome Hearts has collaborated with many major names, including a 2007 COMME des GARÇONS partnership which produced pendants and garments centring around the gothic theme central to Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts has stores throughout the USA and Asia. Their releases are unscheduled, though their fragrance collections can be purchased through the brand’s online store.