Church’s hold such an exceptionally rich history, positioning them as a time-honoured and well respected brand for generations. Founded in 1873 by Thomas Church in Northampton with the support of his wife and two sons, success was almost immediate. Church’s are known to have revolutionised footwear, introducing the concept of a left and a right shoe, which they called their ‘Adaptable’ model. They also created half-sizes and by the early 1900’s they were selling their shoes throughout Europe, Canada, South Africa and the USA. Throughout World War II, Church’s produced shoes for the armed forces as a priority and in 1965 they were awarded a Queen’s Award to Industry. This illustrates the recognition that Church’s had gained by this time. In 1999, Church’s was acquired by the Prada group, to excel the brand even further. 

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Selling a wide-range of womens and mens shoes as well as accessories, Church’s is a distinguished name in fashion and shoemaking. Their age-old artisanal crafting is unparalleled, and the exceptional quality of their shoes undeniable. Quintessential British design, combined with the use of fabrics such as soft leather and suede results in the outcome of beautifully constructed shoes. Today, the heritage of the brand is unmistakable in Church’s designs, though a sense of modernity is brought forward too. Many of the shoes feature versatile, earthy tones, though bold patent forms offer up a contemporary take on a classic style. Providing guaranteed first-class products, backed by a deep history of highly respected craftsmanship, Church’s shoes are timeless. 

Church’s stores are located in many cities across the globe, such as London, Madrid, Berlin and Shanghai. Church’s designs can also be purchased through their own website and through Farfetch, Selfridges, Harrods and Net-a-Porter.