Founded by husband and wife duo Piero and Miriam Cividini in 1988, Cividini is a luxury knitwear brand. From the outset, the label was ahead of its time, producing knits that had not been seen before. The use of interesting and cutting-edge finishing techniques such as inkjet printing, hand-painting and screen printing set Cividini apart from other knitwear brands of the time, and propelled them to success. 

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Although the brand is now producing full ready-to-wear collections for men and women, Cividini is still very much renowned for their knitwear. The hand-crafting techniques used by the brand are impressive and age-honoured, utilising hand looms and making garments in short runs only. Luxurious materials are at the heart of the label, with fine yarns of cashmere, silk and baby alpaca wool used throughout collections. From sumptuous materials and exceptional craftsmanship, intricate knits are produced. The aesthetic of Cividini is clean and classic, with styles built to overcome trends and remain lasting pieces in any wardrobe. Muted tones are seen throughout designs, with earthy colours that are wearable and timeless. Unexpected twists are given to everyday essentials, such as intricate embellishments or ombre detailing to create a luxurious appeal further than the beautiful materials of Cividini collections. 

Cividini collections are accessed through various stores-in-store across the world.