Common Leisure

Common leisure was founded in 2015 by sisters Seda and Hafize Celikturk. The Istanbul-based brand began producing outerwear which caught the attention of celebrities and influencers alike, propelling the brand into the limelight, with many eagerly awaiting new collections. 

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The label began producing outerwear, and became known for their shearling coat which was vastly popular, as well as longline-leather coats and fur collar jackets. The brand now produces a wide range of outerwear, as well as ready-to-wear and accessories. Common Leisure is genderless, and their androgynous designs are bold and youthful. Steering fashion into a modern direction, the brand appeals to contemporary styles and attitudes. From sleek coats with a dramatic edge to statement leather co-ords, Common Leisure designs ‘pieces to live in’. Sophisticated yet slightly alternative, the label gives a refreshing take on modern fashion, creating pieces designed to last and designed for all. 

Common Leisure designs can be purchased through the brand’s website, as well as through My Theresa and Farfetch