CuteCircuit is a brand of the future, innovative in their approach to fashion, merging technology with style. Co-founders of the British label Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz have produced the ‘world’s first wearable-technology fashion brand’, which creates cutting-edge, interactive designs. Launched in 2004, CuteCircuit views the future of fashion as technological, with clothing becoming more intelligent and used for purposes further than they currently are. 

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The Hug Shirt™ is a perfect example of the impressive and pioneering designs from CuteCircuit. Sensors on the Hug Shirt™ measure the duration, location and strength of a hug, which can then be sent to the Hug Shirt™ of a loved one. If only one person has a Hug Shirt™, then the other can record a hug in the same way you would take a short video, and using the HugShirt app and Bluetooth, the hug is transmitted to the Hug Shirt™. 

The SoundShirt follows a similar principle, though has more sensors and haptic actuators, so can be used in more ways. As well as hugs, the SoundShirt can be used for music, videogames and concerts, creating more immersive experiences and offering virtual-reality elements.  

Other designs from CuteCircuit feature LED displays which can be changed by the wearer to show different colours or interfaces, creating interactive garments. Each high-tech piece of clothing is designed to be comfortable, made from rich fabrics and featuring no wires. Batteries and systems within the clothing are rechargeable, and the brand also offers a lifetime warranty on all garments. 
CuteCircuit designs can be purchased from the brand’s website and online store.