DAKS has a long and rich history, dating back to 1894 when Simeon Simpson launched his bespoke tailoring business. With a natural skill for the craft, Simpson wished to create ready-to-wear of the same quality as bespoke pieces. His mass-production of high-quality garments was the first example of this throughout the world, and his creation of ‘Simpson Suits’ became highly sought-after. Some years later, Simeon Simpson’s son, Alexander Simpson, changed men’s fashion for good. Previously, men’s trousers had required belts or braces, which was not always ideal. In response to this problem, Alexander Simpson created the first self-supporting trouser. This used an adjustable waistband to hold the trousers up, and small rubber pads inside the waistband to hold shirts in-place. A revolutionary design, these trousers were an instant success. Expanding DAKS’ offering, womenswear lines were added in 1937, and the label continues to produce clothing and accessories for men and women to this day. 

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The success and impeccable reputation of DAKS is demonstrated by their holding of three Royal Warrants. Only 15 companies have such a high number of Royal Warrants, highlighting the brand’s strong relationship with the Royal Family, and the outstanding quality of their designs. 

DAKS has been owned by Sankyo Seiko Co. Limited since 1991, and their Creative Director is Luigi Veccia, who continues to honour the treasured DAKS aesthetic. Synonymous with British style and heritage, DAKS provides a classic and polished style. Their iconic house check is instantly recognisable and can be seen throughout clothing and accessories by the brand. A modern refinement is offered in sophisticated suits and mid-length dresses, as well as elegant leather bags and crisp patterned shirts. Expert tailoring is continued as a core part of the identity of the label, with luxurious materials used throughout collections. DAKS creates an air of modern refinement with their stylish and classic designs. 

DAKS collections can be accessed through the brand’s website and online store.