Damiani is a luxury jewellers founded in 1924 by Enrico Damiani in Italy. With exceptional skill at his craft, Enrico’s designs were soon worn by the most prominent families of the time, with Damiani their most trusted jeweller. Damiano Damiani, Enrico’s son, helped to evolve the company, expanding their reach and pushing technical innovation for the brand forward. Remaining a family business to this day, the company is run by Damiano’s wife and three children- Gabriella, Guido, Silvia and Giorgio. Leading Jewels S.A. owns majority shares of Damiani

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Integral to Damiani is their fine craftsmanship. Expert goldsmiths from Valenza combine their immense skill with the innovative spirit of the house to create original and elegant jewellery. The brand’s values of quality craftsmanship and creativity means that Damiani jewellery is sophisticated yet modern, produced using age-honoured techniques with impressive attention to detail. Gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones are used expertly throughout collections to create timeless pieces to be cherished for generations. Sleek engagement rings and intricate bracelets are met with high jewellery collections of the most decadent designs. These collections feature vibrant gemstones in the most artistic designs, from animal shaped brooches to opulent necklaces dripping in diamonds. 

Damiani jewellery can be purchased exclusively through one of the brand’s boutiques worldwide, which are found across cities such as Paris, Milan, Dubai, Tokyo and Shanghai.