Daniel Hechter

Daniel Hechter founded his namesake fashion label in 1962, with the aim of producing high-quality styles in ready-to-wear format. In this, the French brand succeeded, and is seen as the first fashion brand to offer affordable luxury on the high street. Beginning with womenswear, Daniel Hechter launched a children’s line and menswear line by 1968, and became well known for their casual yet refined style. The brand has continued to expand, with boutiques opening across the world. In 1998, Daniel Hechter was acquired by the Aulbach Group

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Casual sophistication has underpinned the aesthetic of Daniel Hechter since the brand’s beginnings. This continues today throughout their menswear and womenswear collections, which focus on contemporary, wearable designs with an element of elegance built-in. Their laid back style embodies French fashion, and their designs are consistently wearable, from office styles to day-to-day uniforms. Although modern, Daniel Hechter designs have a timeless element to them, meaning that their clothing can be worn for years and for many occasions. 

Since 2018, Daniel Hechter has collaborated with Somex to produce a collection of Bazin Riche and Wax-Couture fabrics for the African continent, for men and women. The We Wax the World project is collaborative, bringing designers from Europe and Africa to work together to produce modern designs influenced by culture and heritage. High-quality fabrics are used throughout the collection, respecting traditions and techniques to create classic and avant garde styles of beautiful patterns and vivid colour palettes. 

Daniel Hechter stores are located throughout the world in over 65 countries, including cities of Paris, Berlin, Shanghai and Amman. Their styles can also be purchased through their online store.