Dege & Skinner

Dege & Skinner, founded in 1865 is a gentlemen’s tailor of Savile Row, London. As one of the oldest bespoke tailors in the world still in operation, the family-owned company has an exceptional reputation for their craft. This is demonstrated by their appointment of three royal warrants over the years, to Queen Elizabeth II, the Sultan of Oman, and the King of Bahrain. 

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Jacob Dege opened his tailoring business in 1965, named J. Dege & Sons, which his two eldest sons later went on to work for. His youngest son, Arthur, along with a friend called William (Bill) George Skinner set up another tailors called ‘Arthur Dege & Skinner’. After the death of Bill and the start of the first world war, Arthur closed his shop and joined his father at J. Dege & Sons. Tim Skinner, Bill’s son, also worked for the company, and helped to expand the brand and its success. In 1947, Tim acquired the company of J. Dege & Sons Ltd., and his son, Michael Skinner remains chairman of the company to this day. To honour his family’s contribution to the brand for over a century, Michael re-established the trading name of ‘Dege & Skinner’ in 2000. Today, William Skinner marks the fifth generation of his family to work for the company, and serves as Managing Director.

Offering bespoke services for suits, shirts and military uniform, Dege & Skinner also launched a ready-to-wear collection in 2016. Military tailoring was initially the role of Dege & Skinner, and still today this makes up a large proportion of the brand’s custom. Prince Harry’s uniform, worn at his marriage to Meghan Markle, was made by Dege & Skinner

The company’s bespoke suit service is overseen by Head Cutter Nicholas De’Ath, and expert tailors dedicate around 60 to 80 hours to creating one bespoke suit. Dege & Skinner were the first tailor to have their own in-house shirt-cutting service. Head Bespoke Shirt Cutter Tom Bradbury cuts all bespoke shirts before the rest of the process is fulfilled at the on-site workshop. 

Ready-to-wear options from the brand cater to any event, from black-tie occasions to less formal suits, shirts and accessories. William Skinner picks the finest fabrics for each design, while Tom Bradbury designs the cut and collars of all shirts. With such a rich history at the heart of the brand, and a team of esteemed experts, Dege & Skinner ready-to-wear is luxurious and immaculately made. 

Dege & Skinner is located at 10 Savile Row, London, and appointments for bespoke services can be made over the phone or online. Their ready-to-wear collections are available in-store, as well as through the label’s online store.