Dior Eyewear

One of the most iconic and well-respected fashion houses of the past and present, Dior was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior. His pioneering ‘new look’ changed the way clothes were designed and regarded, and in 1969, Dior was the first couture fashion house to launch a sunglasses collection. From eyeglasses to sunglasses, each pair is designed in a dedicated studio in Paris, honouring the style and commitment to fashion that the French fashion house has continually demonstrated. 

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Throughout Dior Eyewear collections, there is a clear continuance of the wider house codes. Dior is known for their luxurious, French style which blends modern styles with timeless elements. These characteristics can be seen throughout Dior Eyewear, taking classic styles and adding contemporary flair. Geometric and architectural lines are used in the design of eyeglasses, creating clean and sophisticated outcomes. With oval and cat-eye shapes meeting oversize and statement designs, there is something for everyone. Iconic CD logos adorn the glasses, whether in a signature style or a bold CD emblem. Sunglasses offer drama in large, square shapes and visor styles, designed to act as a fashion-forward accessory, while more understated styles with delicate frames are available in round or aviator shapes. The timeless glamour of Christian Dior is channeled in each and every design, adding luxury to any outfit. 

Dior Eyewear can be accessed widely online, through the Dior website, and through My Theresa, Matches Fashion and Farfetch