E. Marinella

Eugenio Marinella founded E. Marinella in 1914 in Naples. The luxury necktie company has become renowned for their first-class and time-honoured ties, now also encompassing leather goods and accessories for men and women. The label gained recognition worldwide throughout the 1980’s, when President of the Republic Francesco Cossiga began bringing a box of E. Marinella ties with him on official visits to various heads of state. Today, Alessandro Marinella marks the fourth-generation of the Marinella family to continue the traditions of the brand and honour its history. 


The family-owned label remains committed to the same principles of luxury, elegance and Italian style that the founder began E. Marinella with. Every tie is hand-made from hand-printed fabrics produced in England. The brand has worked with English mills since its conception, which screen print fabrics exclusively for E. Marinella in many colours and patterns. From bold prints in vivid colours to more understated tones and designs, E. Marinella ties are designed to effortlessly fit into any wardrobe and enhance every outfit. Their enduring legacy has translated into bow-ties, pocket squares and beyond, into knitwear, watches, fragrances, bags and more. Classic Italian craftsmanship continues at the heart of all designs and collections, with opulent sophistication the key aesthetic of the brand. Individuality can be expressed through E. Marinella accessories, whether in a multicoloured silk tie or sumptuous leather mini-bag. 

E. Marinella has stores in Naples, Milan, Rome and Tokyo. Their designs can also be accessed online through the brand’s online store.