Founded in 2005 by Amanda Koo, eClarity is a jewelers based in Singapore. The brand’s first store opened in the same year, selling mass produced Japanese-style wedding bands. An online store was also established at the same time, seen as the first luxury jewellery ecommerce site, though it began with only 20 hits per month. Never discouraged, Amanda Koo hired expert designers and craftsmen to create new and elegant designs for the website and store. Over time, the brand expanded, offering distribution to global markets including the USA, Australia, China and Malaysia. 

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Today, eClarity stands as an established and esteemed jewelers, known best for their wedding bands and engagement rings. Highly-skilled designers and gemologists ensure that the most captivating styles of the highest quality are produced. Cutting-edge technology is used throughout the design process, with some details such as engravings being carried out by dedicated machinery. Elsewhere, eClarity craftsmen use age-honoured skills to hand-craft pieces intricately and expertly. 

Although known for their wedding collections, eClarity offers a wide range of jewellery, from rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets. The brand creates customised pieces too, for an extra element of personalisation. With diamonds and pearls abundant throughout collections of white or yellow gold, eClarity offers luxurious and timeless jewellery with options for everyone. Simple and classic designs are produced, while bold styles adorned with rubies, sapphires and more make an opulent statement. 

eClarity has a boutique in Singapore, and their collections can be found through the brand’s online store.