Orit Elhanati launched her eponymous jewellery label in 2011. Born in Copenhagen, the founder has Greek, Israeli and Danish descent, all of which inspires her designs. The result is a blend of minimalist aesthetic derived from Nordic styles, and intriguing decadence inspired by the Middle East. 

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Producing designs for men, women and bridal, as well as bespoke options, Elhanati creates earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Each piece of beautiful jewellery is handmade in Copenhagen using traditional techniques and creative approaches such as burning, dripping and hammering. Using these techniques ensures that no two pieces are the same, and the raw, organic look that Elhanati is known for is produced. Elhanati‘s sculptural structures and irregular surfaces make the label’s designs appear as small works of art, designed to be passed from generation to generation. 

The brand uses recycled 18k solid gold only, and ensures that all gemstones used throughout collections are ethically sourced. Every diamond incorporated into Elhanati designs must first pass a strict certification process to ensure they are conflict-free. Other gemstones such as malachite, opal and tiger stone are also used throughout various designs, cut by experts each time. With memories of her grandmother’s decadent jewellery in Tel Aviv, Elhananti wishes for her jewellery to evoke the same awe and act as modern heirlooms within families, worn time and time again. 

Elhanati jewellery can be purchased from the brand’s online store, as well as through Farfetch and My Theresa