Erin Snow

Erin Snow is a women’s luxury skiwear brand founded in 2003 by Erin Isakov. As an avid skier throughout her life, Isakov looks to create high performance clothing that is stylish and fashionable without compromising on sustainability. Merging these three core principles of function, style and ethics means that Erin Snow is designed to ‘perform for you and the planet.’

‘Tailored. Technical. Ethical.’

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At every stage of the lifecycle of an Erin Snow design, sustainability is considered and lent top priority. Materials used for each garment are chemically safe, introducing no harmful substances into the environment through its production or wear. These materials are also designed to be long-lasting and life-proof- resilient against water, abrasion, oil and dirt, increasing the longevity of the garment. Extending the life of their clothing further, Erin Snow also offers a repair service, meaning that one design should last a lifetime. When needed, Erin Snow designs can be sent back to the brand for recycling. A fair wage is provided to everyone under the company, and each design is produced with circularity firmly in mind. Taking these steps ensures that Erin Snow is a socially fair and responsible brand, looking to the future of fashion and ensuring their clothing benefits the wearer without harming others and the environment in the process. 

Setting sustainability as an important goal to the Erin Snow brand does not mean that there is a compromise on quality or style in the label’s garments. Materials are considered not only in terms of environmental-impact, but also on performance levels. Water repellent, comfortable and insulative fabrics are used throughout collections, without the bulk of traditional ski attire. High-neck sweaters are designed for layering and luxurious jackets are warm and stylish for on and off the slopes. Flattering silhouettes are created through nipped-in waists and flared trousers for a classic, vintage-inspired ski look. A modern edge is offered in monochromatic colour schemes with pops of brights to turn heads. Ideal for winter anywhere in the world, Erin Snow uses the latest technology to ensure that their skiwear functions exceptionally whilst simultaneously looking great too. 

Erin Snow collections can be found online through the label’s online store, and through Net-a-Porter and My Theresa