Ernest Leoty

Ernest Leoty is a women’s luxury activewear brand, founded in 2018 by Marion Rabate. The label is named after the corset designer of the 19th century whose visionary pieces added stretch into corsets. This innovative idea was much more freeing than a typically restrictive corset, lending importance to both comfort and style. These principles are also followed today by Ernest Leoty, who creates activewear which looks stylish and luxurious whilst also performing exceptionally. 

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The London-based brand uses high-quality technical fabrics that allow ultimate movement, stretch and comfort with breathable technology. The manufacturers of Ernest Leoty designs have produced attire for the UK Olympic cycling team, highlighting their expertise in activewear materials and meaning that only the best is used by the brand.

Style is equally important to Ernest Leoty. With clean lines and effortless French style integrated into the label, Ernest Leoty designs can be worn from the gym to a lunch date. Designing with versatility in mind means that women can easily integrate workouts and athleticism into their daily lives. Pieces can be mixed and matched, and worn with any wardrobe essentials. Their effortless and modern design translates seamlessly into many contexts, with a wide range of colours suited for everyone. Every need is catered for, from swimwear and sports bras to cycling shorts and sweatshirts. Clothing for activities such as yoga, cardio and skiing is provided with understated and contemporary design to instill confidence for a great workout. 

Ernest Leoty collections are available from the brand’s online store, as well as through Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter and My Theresa